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tree01_green.gif This is a short explanation for above mentioned workpiece. If you want to create a workpiece by yourself please follow the step-by-step instructions under courses (navigation to the left).
tree01_green.gif This creation has been made out of Fimo and Creall-therm. Both kinds of clay can be intermixed.
tree01_green.gif This polystyrene foam form was first covered in tin foil to keep the form intact and then covered in light blue clay. A ball of tin foil is used to form the head of this rat

tree01_green.gif Place the head on the front side. Model his neck. The snout is made of clay in a pink colour (this is also the case for the tail, the insides of his ears and the soles of his feet).
tree01_green.gif To complete the head: cheeks, ears and some details.
tree01_green.gif His paws are big and heavy; his "hands" have a somewhat more normal proportion.
tree01_green.gif The finishing touch for the body: backbone, muscles and a filling for the shoulders.
tree01_green.gif As decoration I have used a cape and a belt. The buckle is made of a golden transparent clay
tree01_green.gif This nasty piece of work has a knife and a bomb!
The knife is also made of a golden, transparent clay.

ladybird_red.gifFor general information: fimo-frutsels



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