Hollow forms 
Round forms 










mushroom_green.gif This is a short explanation for above mentioned workpiece. If you want to create a workpiece please follow the step-by-step instructions under courses (navigation to the left).
mushroom_green.gif This creation has been made out of Fimo and Creall-therm. Both kinds of clay can be intermixed.This round polystyrene foam form was first covered in tin foil to keep the form intact and then covered in blue clay.
mushroom_green.gif The paws are attached to the body using pieces of electricity cable/pins. Its neck contains a roll of tin foil. The core of the head is a little ball of tin foil covered in purple clay; this has been attached to the head using a wooden pin.

mushroom_green.gif As decoration I have used two eggs, marble structure. One of them is also a support, as some of the heavier creations can fall or sag when heated.

mushroom_green.gif The eyes are made of glass. They do not deform as plastic eyes do sometimes.

ladybird_red.gif For more information on how to model with polymer clay: fimo-frutsels.



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