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From the beginner to the professional, I hope my other site will give you tips and tricks of using polymer clay; it is a great hobby.

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The following sites were visited by me, I liked them.  I linked them as a courtesy to my visitors but their contents are not my responsibility.

Polystyrene sites
Please inform me if you know any interesting polystyrene sites. You will find my e-mail address at the bottom of this page. (clay models; the base is made of styrofoam)

Creative websites (music boxes, animals and dolls) (furry fimo - Desiree's homepage (polymer clay and cats) (Deb Jensen's Polymer Clay Page/Hawaii) Melanie's site

Websites, others (search engine) (hobby search engine) (guide to arts and crafts on the internet) (a web thesaurus and lexicon) (search engine and more) (offers a full range of clays, tools, stamps, books and accessories) (on line shop; polymer clay, tools, supplies and accessories) (Creafantasy; online shop) (the place to buy amonst others clay and styropor balls) (keywords browser) (encyclopedia about polymer clay) (polymer clay shop) (Centre Créatif Culturel et Artistique in France; creative workshops and more) (Find ready to paint ceramic bisque as well as ceramic tile murals at Condell Ceramics


Manufacturers (Creall-therm) (Fimo)

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For ceramic animals please have a look at:



Panther in boat (the boat was made of packaging material (polystyrene foam).
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