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Prince Charming

apple_orange.gif This is a short explanation for the above mentioned workpiece. If you want to create a workpiece by yourself please follow the step-by-step instructions under courses (navigation to the left).
apple_orange.gif This creation has been made out of Fimo and Creall-therm. Both kinds of clay can be intermixed.
apple_orange.gif First I have made a marble structure out of several shades of green clay (take a look at Basics).
apple_orange.gif The polystyrene foam ball was directly covered with a purple/red layer (flower). The ball will then shrink in the oven when heated. If you cover the form first with tin foil you keep the form intact. This is not the way as you want to be able to extract the ball after baking your workpiece. 
apple_orange.gif The partly covered form is put on a few green clay balls as can be seen on the picture. Be sure to have the right thickness, it has to support ball and babies lateron. This creation will now be put into the oven for about 30 minutes.
apple_orange.gif Meanwhile I have modelled the prince and a few petals.
apple_orange.gif After the cooling process the prince and the petals are put into the workpiece. The whole creation has to be in the oven again for 30 minutes (110 degrees C).

ladybird_red.gif For more information on how to model with polymer clay: fimo-frutsels


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