Hollow forms 
Round forms 


Five steps in pictures and text...
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1. Cover the polystyrene foam form with alufoil and clay (3-4 mm). Model the legs from a thick roll of clay. Use another colour of clay for the trunk (roll) and ears (two flattened balls). Choose her front. Fasten the legs. Smoothen all the rough edges!


2. Put two glass eye in her "head". Begin with adding some clay around the eyes and front. Fasten a small roll of clay at the middle of her back and down (her backbone). The last part will be her tail, do not fasten this to her back though.
Put a small ball of clay under each of her eyes (facial structure). Flatten this smoothly!
Model her ears from the flattened balls and fasten them to her head (think about some muscle structure).


3. View from above, look at the ears. Smoothen the "backbone" and put some dents in it.
Put more clay under the eyes to enhance the facial structure. The cheeks cover the beginning of the ears.
Now her trunk. One end has to be made really thin and put between her eyes. Rub this smooth. Check the length of the trunk and, if necessary, shorten it. Under the trunk a small roll will be fastened (lip).


4. Attach another smaller roll under her mouth, the shin.
Put a tongue in her mouth. And of course two tusks (out of white clay). Make also some nails out of this white clay. Finish the creation thoroughly and give her jewelry; after all, she is a princess.


5. The creation is now ready to be baked. Bake it in an ordinary oven for 30 minutes (110 degrees). Let it cool by itself.


For this elephant use the following:
* 250 gram blue Creall-therm
* 20 gram blue metalic Fimo
* 5 gram white Creall-therm (tusks and nails)
* one gram red Fimo (tongue)
* two glass eyes (4 mm)
* polystyrene foam ball 6 cm
* alufoil
I often mix Fimo and Creall-therm. It is of course also possible to model this elephant out of one brand of clay.

I hope you now have an impression of what is possible using polystyrene foam forms for a round creation. It is possible to re-use the one you used with the course "hollow forms".



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