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Here I am creating my haunted house.
Click here for more pictures of it.

The structure

This website is built bilingual using Namo WebEditor 5.5. It is a very good Korean program.

The pictures are made with a Sony-videocamera, type TRV-20 and a digital camera of Nytech. The pictures are resized and cropped using MGI Photosuite.

The site is built for 800 x 600 screens. I am using 1024 x 768 on my 19 inch analog monitor and the site is working perfectly.

My websites are on the providers FreeOnline and Uwnet and on my own domain (

This site is written for ADSL and cable; however it can also be viewed by ordinary, analog lines.

For this site I received 3 golden awards.

* SiteRecensie checked it 6 December 2003.

They liked it and thought it very interesting. Golden Award 2598.

* concluded 17 December 2003:


"You are a fine webmaster. Your site has been checked following the rules on: design, html, publicity, loading, broken links and pictures and surfing".

gekeurd door tweetylover op 16/02/2005  

* Tweety's drawings site concluded 16 February 2005:
Design: The site looks very good (9/10)
Download: Good (8/10)
Navigation: Very clear and pleasing to look at (9/10)
Originality: Great idea (10/10)
Conclusion: Very pleasant and interesting site, good ideas, lots of information (9).

The artist

Hi, I am Els. In 2000 I started modelling with Fimo and Creall-therm. My hobby began when my husband brought home some left-overs from his work (elementary school). When you start creating wonderful things with polymer clay it gets you hooked. In the library I found the first books about working with Fimo and Creall-therm.

I experimented with clay and polystyrene foam forms and discovered the many possibilities of the combination. You will find more detailed information on this subject in these pages.

Moreover I liked it very much to build another website with new ideas and lay-out. See my first site: fimo-frutsels.


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